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Using a bleach rinse for bacterial skin infections

If you have a bulldog with allergies you know that they are prone to bacterial skin infections. Staph bacteria
are normally present on the skin of all dogs, cats and even people. When the skin barrier is broken the staph
bacteria can gain access. Some of these staph infections can take a long time to clear or be resistant to
multiple antibiotics. MRSA is an example of a drug resistant staph bacteria that can be difficult to clear.

One way to tackle a tough skin infection is to see your veterinarian ( they will put your dog on long term
antibiotics, usually 4 to 6 weeks ) You will also be bathing your dog several times a week.

You can use an old remedy that bacteria are not resistant to BLEACH. Hospitals use bleach for wounds
and skin soaks to kill bacteria every day. Bathe your dog as instructed by your veterinarian then rinse.
Make up a solution of dilute bleach ( 4 tablespoons of bleach to a half gallon of water ) pour the solution
over your dog ( do not get in the eyes, mouth or ears ) DO NOT RINSE OFF. Towel dry your dog ( I would use
an old towel ) If you need to do the head or face I dip a wash cloth in the bleach solution then wipe areas of
the face that need treatment. Use the bleach rinse after each bath, you will be surprised how much it helps