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Idiopathic head tremors

The first time you see your bulldog having a head tremor the first thing you will do is panic. Do not panic ! The more stressed you are the more stressed your dog becomes. Head tremors or head bobbing causes the dogs head to bob up/down or side to side, and the rest of the body is not affected. Dogs that are bobbing their heads are alert and will respond to you. If you distract them by calling their name, making a loud noise, or petting them they will stop bobbing their head for a short time, then resume the head bobbing.

Head tremors are common in bulldogs, dobermans and boxers. No one knows why these tremors occur, and they are more annoying for you than your dog. Veterinarians have done bloodworm, cat scans and MRI’s and no cause has been found, other than possibly low blood sugar. There is no scientific evidence, but I have found during certain times when the dog is stressed or could possibly have low blood sugar is when they occur. Is there something stressful going on in the home ? I have also seen female bulldogs towards the end of their pregnancies, when they are not eating very well get head tremors.

If your bulldog starts bobbing their head, give some vanilla ice cream or frozen vanilla yogurt. Add a little honey or karo syrup over the top of it. If you don’t have any of those you can use ensure, pediasure, or just some karo syrup. All of these will work because they are high in sugar, and some of the sugar is absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth. Idiopathic head tremors are not life threatening, and you may never see your bulldog have an episode, but if you do remain calm and give your dog something sweet.