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How to find a breeder and avoid getting scammed

Have you found the bulldog puppy of your dreams on a website ? The website looks good, you email
the breeder, and they send you a picture of the puppy you are looking at. The price is good ! ( actually
it’s a cheap price, half the price other breeders are asking ! ) The breeder wants you to pay by wiring
the money to them, and they give you a time and place to pick up your new puppy at the airport. Your
puppy never arrives and the breeder is gone ! Most scammers are overseas, so the odds are good
that your money is gone !

The best thing to do is call the breeder about the puppy you are interested in ( scammers prefer to use
email and don’t want to speak with you over the phone ) When you speak with the breeder they should
be able to provide you with more pictures of the puppy you are interested in ( scammers steal pictures
off websites and pass them off as theirs ) If you are unsure about a breeder, ask for pictures of the
puppy with a sticky note with your name on it, included in the picture.

Quite a few websites tell people to visit the breeder in person. A lot of good breeders are becoming
very leery of doing this for good reason. Breeders are getting their puppies stolen, and at least one
breeder lost her life trying to keep her dogs from being taken. So if the breeder isn’t really wanting
you to come and visit, it doesn’t make them a bad breeder.

You can find the puppy of your dreams online, just use caution and ask for more pictures, and
speak with the breeder by phone.