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Seasonal Flank Alopecia

If your bulldog is suffering from hair loss on the sides of it's body, it is probably seasonal flank alopecia ( most often called SFA )
Certain breeds of dogs are prone to SFA, and the english bulldog is one of them. No one is certain what causes SFA, but it is
believed to be light responsive ( hair loss occures after winter when the days are shorter and there is less sunlight ) The bulldog
will have hair loss on both sides of the body, and the skin underneath where the hair was will be black. It is a good idea to
have your veterinarian check your dogs thyroid level. If the thyroid test comes back normal it is probably SFA ( a diagnosis can be made
by the breed of dog, the area of hair loss, the time of year the dog is affected and also by skin biopsy's )
Treatment for SFA involves letting the dog get more sunlight, and giving the dog melatonin. Most dogs will regrow there hair,
but some dogs will never regrow there hair completely. SFA is not life threatening and is more of a cosmetic issue than