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The Wonders of diaper rash ointment

Let me start by saying diaper rash ointment is awesome! If you own a bulldog, and a tube of diaper rash
ointment you are all set !

You can use any brand of ointment, you just want the one with 40% zinc oxide. Try to get one that doesn’t
have much of a smell to it ( bulldogs don’t like the smell of a strong scented ointment ) Diaper rash in infants
is caused by yeast, and since bulldogs are prone to yeast it works very well for them too.

Don’t let your dog lick off the ointment after you apply it. A dog would have to eat a pretty good amount of
ointment to make them sick but it is better if they don’t get any at all.

Diaper rash ointment creates a water proof barrier and works very well for