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Basic care for your bulldog

Bulldogs do require some basic care to keep them happy and healthy. Doing some of the basic care will save you trips to your veterinarian and your bulldog will be much happier.

Dryness of nose or paws : Apply Bag Balm, Vaseline or vitamin E oil twice a day. Several companies make products specially for dog noses.

Allergies: Rash – Apply diaper rash ointment daily till the rash is gone or use cortisone cream if the rash seems to be itchy
Wrinkles: Clean with a “ soapy water “ mixture of warm water and a medicated dog shampoo. Wipe dry and apply a thin layer of diaper rash ointment.

Hot Spots: Clean with Listerine ( the original kind ) If it’s a large area you may have to shave the area so it will dry out. After it starts healing you can dust with Gold Bond medicated powder.

Chin Zits: You can clean with Listerine ( the original kind )  or use acne pads made for people . Clean once a day until the acne is gone.

Interdigital cysts : These are the cysts that pop up between the toes. Warm water Epsom salt soaks for about 10 minutes twice a day will help bring the cyst to a head so it will drain. Dry the feet after the soak. You may have to experiment with different ointments and see which one works the best for you, try applying a diaper rash ointment to the bottom of the foot in between all the toes, or using preparation H on the swollen cyst until they go down.

Tear Stains: Tear stains are caused by excessive tearing, and the damp hair is a breeding ground for yeast and bacteria. There are several tear stain products on the market that you can try. You can also make a “ soapy water “ mixture of warm water and medicated dog shampoo and clean the stains then dry. Applying a thin coat of diaper rash ointment to the area will help keep it dry.