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Coconut Oil, is it good for your bulldog?

There are a lot of websites out there that promote coconut oil as having wonderful health benefits
for your dog. Everything from curing allergies to killing bacteria ! There has been no scientific research
or clinical trials that show coconut oil to be of any benefit as a daily supplement for dogs.

Coconut is a plant oil ( dogs can't convert plant oil to anything beneficial )  and is high in fat ( 1 TBSP of
coconut oil provides 117 calories ) The only thing coconut oil offers dogs is fat. So if your dog is under
weight or the food you are feeding has a poor fat source then coconut oil maybe of some benefit.

Do I feed coconut oil to my dogs ? No, I wouldn't waste my money. If you want to give your dogs
something that is beneficial, and backed by clinical research, reach for the bottle of fish oil instead
of the jar of coconut oil.