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Crate Training

Crate training your puppy can have many benefits, including helping to housebreak your new puppy
and preventing destructive chewing while you are gone.

I prefer wire crates for bulldogs ( bulldogs need air circulation especially in the summer months so
they don’t overheat, and plastic crates tend to hold in body heat) For the cooler months of the year
you can cover the crate with a crate cover or blanket.

There are a few rules to keep in mind when crate training a puppy

• Please remember puppies have a hard time controlling themselves until they are around 4 months old.
If your puppy has an accident in the crate while you are gone, do not punish them when you return,
simply clean out the crate.

• Do not allow children to play or handle your puppy while they are in their crate. A crate is your dogs
“ safe place “, and if they need to get away from something, and know they are safe while they are in it.

• Always remove your dogs collar before placing them in the crate ( collars can get “stuck” on the bars )
or use a breakaway safety collar.

• Be certain your puppy has eliminated before you put them in the crate

• Don’t use the crate as punishment, you want your puppy to like the crate.

How long can I leave my puppy crated ?

Puppies under 9 weeks old have a hard time controlling themselves, so they need to eliminate very frequently
( usually at least 8 to 10 times a day and sometimes more ) Puppies this young should not be crated ( you can
remove the crate door and make a bed for them to sleep on ) For puppies this young I like to confine them to
an area with a non-porous floor. Put down some newspapers, so if they have to go to the bathroom they can
use the newspapers. Set up the crate without the door on it, and add a blanket or towel for them to sleep on.

• 9 to 10 weeks old ....... 30 to 60 minutes

• 11 to 14 weeks old ..... 1 to 3 hours

• 15 to 16 weeks old ..... 3 to 4 hours

• 17 + weeks old ...... 4 + hours ( 6 hours maximum )

Except for overnight a dog shouldn’t be crated for more than 6 hours.