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HUU in Bulldogs

HUU is a short name for a really long word. Hyperuricosuria or HUU for short is a hereditary condition that causes uric acid levels in the urine
to be abnormally high, which raises the chance that the dog will develop uric acid bladder stones. The condition can be controlled to some extent
by feeding a prescription diet that reduces the acidity of the urine for the dogs lifetime.

Breeders can now test their bulldogs before they are bred. The mutation Is autosomal recessive, meaning both parents need to be carriers to pass
it on to their puppies. By testing bulldogs that are used for breeding, if you have a carrier then you can still breed the dog, but it must be bred to a
clear dog. The resulting puppies will never develop uric acid bladder stones. Breeders can use this simple test as a tool to eliminate HUU bladder stones
in bulldogs.