Tough toys for bulldogs

Buying toys that can stand up to the chewing ability of bulldogs can be pretty daunting. Cute stuffed
toys and squeak toys don't stand a chance! Here are some good toys for bulldogs that can take a
bulldogs chewing.
Nylabones - they last forever !
Deer Antlers - my dogs love these, just be sure to buy the large size.
Please don't give your bulldog rawhides, pigs ears or greenies. Besides upsetting your bulldogs
stomach they get rawhides and pigs ears soggy from chewing on them and will try to swallow
them whole !
Kongs - these are great toys, you can stuff them with all kinds of things..
stuff them with peanut butter and freeze them ( some peanut butter now contains xylitol and are
EXTREMELY TOXIC TO DOGS so be very careful and check the ingredient list on the jar … xylitol 
causes a dangerous drop in blood sugar and destroys liver cells …. This can be fatal for a dog )
mix peanut butter and some dry dog food and freeze
small pieces of apple ( skin removed )
put some peanut butter ( or something gooey ) into the small hole on the top of the Kong , mix
some canned dog food and water and pour into the kong then freeze.
Kongs can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
Balls - solid rubber ( make sure to buy a large size, so your bulldog won't try to swallow them )