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Manuka Honey

First I want to say I am a firm believer in traditional veterinary medicine, and am skeptical of some holistic
claims of miracle cures by using holistic medicine.

I have a bulldog that had a pressure sore on her hock ( common in older dogs ) It would fill up with fluid
and constantly drain. I tried everything  to keep the fluid from coming back, and the constant draining
was driving me crazy !

I read some wonderful articles about using manuka honey for treating open wounds, and another article
on using it to remove fluid from pressure sores on dogs. So, armed with some manuka honey, gauze pads
and an ace bandage I put some of the honey on the gauze pad, stuck it on the pressure sore and wrapped
it with an ace bandage. I put on a new honey bandage every morning and removed it every night before
bed. By the second day there were 15 to 20 very small pin holes that all drained fluid from them. I continued
the honey bandages, and by the 7th day all the fluid was gone ! I stopped the bandages and the pressure sore
even 2 months later hasn't filled back up with fluid.

If you decide to use honey on wounds or fluid filled pressure sores, make sure it is manuka honey ( I found
some at our local health food store or you can order online ) You will notice that on the label of the manuka
honey is something that says UMF . UMF refers to an extra ingredient that gives the honey antibacterial
qualities. UMF can vary between batches of honey, so each batch is rated. A rating of UMF 10 or higher is
recommended for medical use. Manuka honey is antibacterial, and unlike antibiotics, does not cause so
called superbugs. Manuka honey has been shown to kill more than 250 strains of bacteria including MRSA.